We’ve Got Something
In The Works!

Our Healthy Rewards program is getting a new look so that we can offer an improved experience and better benefits to our entire Healthy Spot community. To prepare for the launch of our new program this Fall, we will be putting a pause on Healthy Rewards activities, including reward dollar and frequent buyer spa redemptions, beginning Saturday, August 1st.

But don't worry, if you are unable to utilize your outstanding rewards dollars or frequent buyer spas before August 1st, the value will automatically get carried over to the new program - as long as we have your most current email address and you have opted into our marketing newsletter. 

How do I know if I have any outstanding Healthy Rewards dollars or earned frequent buyer spas?
Call your local spot and share the name or phone number associated with your Healthy Rewards account and they will be able to provide this information.

What if I can’t use all my Healthy Reward dollars or earned frequent buyer spas before August 1, 2020?
We understand that you may not be able to redeem all your rewards by July 31st, so long as we have your current email address and you have opted in for marketing emails, the value of your remaining rewards dollars or earned spas will be transferred over to your new account. When our new loyalty program launches, you will be notified via email to confirm your new account. Once confirmed, you will be able to view the value of your balance.

Will my current Healthy Rewards retail points carry over to the new program?
Yes, so long as we have your email address and you have opted in marketing emails! While our point system may look a little different, we will convert any outstanding points into the new program. They will be comparable to what you currently have. You will need to ensure that we have your most current email address before August 1, 2020 so that the points get transferred over properly.

If I am close to receiving a frequent buyer free spa, what will happen to all of the accrued spas performed to date?
Any accrued service credits towards a free spa will not transfer over. Instead, you will receive a special grooming offer from us in its place in August. In order to receive this grooming offer, we must have your current email address and you must be opted into marketing emails.

What happens between the old program ending and the new program beginning?
We will use this time to prepare our new program! During this time, please be advised any remaining reward dollars or frequent buyer spas will not be available for use and there will be no point or spa accruals.

How can I update my email address and opt in for marketing emails?
Please call or visit your local Healthy Spot and let a team member know you would like to update your email address and opt into marketing!

What If I have other questions?
Feel free to email help@healthyspot.com if you have any questions not addressed here.

Not currently a member of Healthy Rewards?
Don't miss out on the chance to pre-enroll for our new program by sharing your email address and opting in for marketing at your local spot today!

Have additional questions? Check out our FAQs below!